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Darryl and Ivan
Darryl and Ivan

DTA - Dog Training Academy provides professional training for all breeds. DTA is located in Durban, South Africa. DTA provides personalised Puppy training and development; Personalised obedience training (basic to advanced); Behaviour consultation and rehabilitation; Home protection (basic to advanced); Specialized custom dog training and Custom training seminars.

It's DTA's mission to provide a practical approach to training and working with dogs so that handlers and their dogs can achieve their goals. I believe in honest, realistic training standards that work in real world situations, not just in training. I am constantly seeking out new or better training techniques and ways to better address the difficulties that we all face in todays challenging environments.

Personal History:

I have a long history of working with dogs and competing at a competitive level in dog sports. I have achieved IPO3 with two of my dogs and am currently busy training my young dog Ivan for IPO1. I have competed in SA IPO Nationals and have a general love for all dog sports. In case you don't know what IPO(Schutzhund) is, I would say it can best be described as a dog triathlon. One needs to score high in tracking, obedience and protection to acquire a title. There are 3 levels of difficulty in IPO (IPO1, IPO2 & IPO3).

When I first started IPO many years ago I became interested in becoming a helper for protection work to better understand dogs and improve my own training. So when I qualified as a helper I never looked back as it turned out to be a strong passion of mine. I have developed many dogs in protection work (bite work) and have been a helper in trials. In keeping with this I attend workshops by overseas trainers for the latest training methods.

In recent years I got interested in civil decoy work and enjoy training dogs for real life scenarios and home protection.

I constantly push myself to find the most effective way to train dogs, understand how they think, what their breed requirements are and what best suites the dog and handler that I am teaching and training. I enjoy watching strong partnerships form between dog and handler as they work together towards their goals, be it a stable pet dog or a dog requiring more advanced skills.

There is no limit when it comes to what one can teach our faithful canines.

Better Training - Better Dogs!


Puppy training and development:

We teach fun & effective training for young puppies! Through positive reinforcement, your dog will be successful in the real world (not just the classroom).

Obedience training (basic to advanced):

Beginner dogs will learn basic manners through impulse-control exercises. They will learn to have a solid foundation of basic behaviors and commands.

Dogs that already know basic cues will learn to practice behaviors with added distractions. More behaivours will be added and work will be done to create stability and reliability in exercises involving more distance, duration and distractions.

In advanced training I’ll teach you and your dog new behaviors and training tecniques based on your dog’s unique needs. This can include anything from task specific behaviour (eg. Service dog behaivour or civil work) to competitive dog sport.

Home protection (basic to advanced):

A Home and Family Protection trained dog is your best deterrent for crime. I will also train your dog in obedience to give you complete control. Your family pet will retain his social skills around people and be taught to protect the family in specific situations. Protection training can begin with puppies who are 12 weeks of age. Call for a free evaluation of your pet today!

Behaviour consultation and rehabilitation:

Communication and understanding are key! A customized rehabilitation program as well as structured obedience can help you manage, and ultimately eliminate these and other unwanted behaviors.

DTA will take you step by step through this process and teach you how to channel your dogs energy into positive behaviour: Excessive barking; Destructive chewing or digging; Nipping or biting (dominant mouthing); Fearful aggression, shyness & anxiety; Separation anxiety; Elimination inside; Dog Aggression; Resource Guarding; Toy Possessiveness; Food Aggression; Food Stealing; Jumping on Guests; Climbing on Furniture; Darting out Doors; Pulling on and Biting Leash & Hyperactivity.

Call for a free evaluation of your pet today!

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